CS4teachers 2021:

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, the Paul G. Allen School has decided that we will offer CS4Teachers in an online format for summer 2021.

The date of the workshop this year will be August 2 - August 6

Interest Survey for Educators

The Allen School is reimagining our popular CS4Teachers program, and we want YOUR input! Our target is teachers of all grades levels and with varying experiences with computer science, including those who are interested in integrating computer science topics into other subjects. We plan to offer a more customizable format with sessions on a wide range of topics and the ability of each attendee to choose the sessions that are most interesting to them. The program will culminate with a project experience in which attendees will put the concepts they’ve learned to use in producing an actual project or product they can bring back to their classrooms. The workshop will continue to be led by experts from the Allen School faculty and student body, along with guests from other prominent programs around the US. We expect to offer attendees Washington State Clock Hours for their attendance.

An exploration of computer science for K-12 teachers of all subjects!

Prior to 2019, CS4teachers was known as CS4HS. We updated our name to reflect
all of the participants we attract, including K-12 teachers of all grade levels and all subjects!

Would you like the resources to incorporate fun and accessible computing elements into your classes? Join us for our CS4teachers
workshop at the University of Washington, where we will introduce you to basic computer science ideas and give you the knowledge
and resources to integrate these ideas into your teaching.

In a survey of past participants, 90% reported that they added computing content to their courses after attending CS4teachers,
and 96% said their enthusiasm for computing topics increased! If you're curious about technology and want to learn more, CS4teachers is your chance to explore!

The CS4teachers workshop aims to:

  • Expose you to exciting examples of computer science operating in close relationships with other disciplines.
  • Teach you the basics of computational problem solving and give you the vocabulary to relate these concepts to your students and your own subject material.
  • Broaden your view of computer science and the way it is shaping Washington's communities and people--and those of the entire world.
  • Explore opportunities for you to help broaden your students' interest in computer science and dispel myths about what computer science is and is not.

The CS4teachers workshop is a joint undertaking between the University of Washington (UW), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and Tim Bell's CS Unplugged program. Please see our Resources/Affiliated Groups page for more information on this collaboration.

The University of Washington's CS4teachers workshop is sponsored by generous funding from anonymous donors and the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.