An exploration of computer science for K-12 teachers of all subjects!

CS4Teachers is an opportunity for Washington state K-12 teachers, from all different disciplines, to learn why and how to implement CS activities as a part of all curricula. We also discuss issues related to equity, diversity, and justice in computing, both in and out of classrooms. With the passage of SB5088, requiring WA state school districts with a high school to offer CS courses within the next 2 years, the CS4Teachers conference is uniquely positioned to support Washington state in the effort to expand schools and teachers with resources to develop and expand their CS offerings, as well as increase the diversity of students in CS classrooms across Washington.

In a survey of past participants, 90% reported that they added computing content to their courses after attending CS4teachers, and 96% said their enthusiasm for computing topics increased! If you're curious about technology and want to learn more, CS4teachers is your chance to explore!

We are pleased to be able to offer 15 STEM clock hours provided through the WSTA, cost of clock hours will be covered by the CS4teachers program

The CS4teachers workshop aims to:

  • Introduce a wide range of topics related to CS and CS education, including: mobile app development, data science, teaching best practices, and cross-curricular CS integration.
  • Explore the intersection of computer science and the impact it has on Washington’s communities and people - with a focus on issues related to equity, diversity, and justice.
  • Enable teachers to incorporate CS topics into their classroom.
  • Broaden the community of Washington teachers who are interested in CS education

Summer 2022 Program

Monday, August 1st - Friday, August 5th